Concrete Jungle, trailer by Wordup media. Lots of familiar faces riding hard! Ref. to OSS portraits of both Sjur Sætren and Magnus Nørsteng!


"Searching and creating new places to ski. Finding places that’s not meant to be skied. In a city, many miles from the nearest ski hill. Fueling up every night so we can survive in the white cold jungle, getting kicked out by cops, security guards or the law in general. Trespassing and vandalism just for the possibility of getting a usable shot. Many hours of work is getting down to just a few seconds of footage. We have been focusing on the skiing in the city, the opportunities you have and the whole lifestyle of being a urban skier all winter.

Featuring the talents of: Sjur Sætren, Magnus Nørsteng, Christian Nummedal, Emil Øygard, Martin Stuve Strøm, Martin Solhaugen, Vemund Venner, William Christoffersen, Thomas Iversen and many more.”

Repost, this one dissappeared from the site, for some strange reason:
- OSS Portrait No.8 Magnus Skotte Nørsteng

Magnus Skotte Nørsteng was in the Oslo area on an urban-mission, and OSS invited him up in the slopes of Oslo Winterpark for a few laps and a quick chat. This year Magnus films with WordUp Media and shreds with the infamous Lazerkitteh. Style has been a key focus of Magnus for years, and although he has done a few competitions, his focus stays with filming and “soul-riding”. This is a good guy, mellow and stoked, and always fun to ride with!

Trashparty e4s3 is out! Just sit back and enjoy these heavy hitters while tearing up Varingskollen & Trysil in Norway!


Sig Tveit
Vegard Øye 
Magnus Støre
Chris Helberg

OK, there isn’t a single shot from Oslo here, and has no relevance in any other aspect than just being incredibly inspiring and awesome! Nipwitz has something pretty awesome going here!

Trashparty episode 3 season 3.


Burn Nordic released their new edit. As ALWAYS, Flammekasper, Kasper Häggström, deliveres the raddest edits! When you includes superriders Len Roald Jørgensen and Fred Perry!

The legendary Trashparty!

Eirik Nesse (The Wingman from OSS portrait No.7 w. Len R. Jørgensen) and Dina Treland with some pretty darn solid riding from Bear Mountain.

Oslo 5, the skate movie, worth every second of your time!

A film by
Jørgen Østbye Johannessen

Produced by
Henning Braaten
Anders Frøystad
from Cyclone Distribytion AS

Magnus portrait on Fri Flyt